PPI Den Haag has decided to hold an interactive dialogue event regarding sustainability that specifically concerns on village revitalization. The purpose of this event is to make all of you aware that sustainability of an aspect is inevitably interdependent with all the other aspects in our environment. This would also be a great opportunity for all of us to obtain new insights from people who are able to maintain the existence of sustainability that supports the progress of making a better living environment today!

Our qualified guest speakers are:
• Daliana Suryawinata (Architecture)
Director SHAU & Chief Officer IAI-EU
• Bayu Wijayanto (Economic Development)
• Shahab Zehtabchi (Industrial Design)
Lecturer & Course Developer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
• Anggun Susilo (Politics)

5 April 18:00–22:00
Don Bosco Rijswijk
Julialaantje 26, 2283 TB Rijswijk

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