by Arti Indallah Tjakranegara and Alifio Ardanu

-Cultural Events-

On annual cultural event in Wageningen which is one world week, we got a chance to involve and introduce our culture especially traditional clothes, dances and music which is Angklung. In this week, Wageningen University which has more than 100 nationalities celebrated their diversity with people from all over the world. The one world week was a great success with a lot of activities and supported by various organization in Wageningen.


In this collaboration week, we performed four dances from Java (Golek Manis Dance), Aceh (Ratoh Duek Dance), and Kalimantan (Enggang and Giring-Giring Dance) in the opening of one world week and got an honor to be watched by rector magnificus of Wageningen University, Arthur P.J Mol. This medley got really big applause from audience who watched the richness of Indonesian culture. Also, we joined the traditional clothing fashion show which were organized by ISOW and impressed the audience with our diverse clothes.


Not enough with that, we contributed the angklung performance in the lunch time on 5th April 2016 at The Spot. We tried to entertain the audience with the popular songs which were can’t takes my eyes off you and grenade. We also interacted with the audience and gave angklung workshop with edelweiss and love me tender song. It was really blissful to see their excitement to learn. Hope we could expand our performances and events in the next year, see you!

-Sports Olympics-


On Friday, April 1st 2016 PPIW participated on “the Brazilian Olympics which was organized by SWU Thymos and ISOW.took place the De bongerd Sport center Wageningen. The Olympics is an annual event which also a part of the one world week series of events. In this event, teams from several nations from around the world competed in 7 widely recognized sports including longjump, volleyball, relay run, basketball, unihockey, rugby and table tennis. PPIW as the representative of Indonesia in wageningen could not miss the chance to familiarized PPIW among the people and decided to takes part in this competition.


Even though PPIW could not bring the best team that PPIW have in the pocket, PPIW managed to got through the competition well. Among the 7 sports contested, PPIW managed to record 4 wins, 2 draws and only 1 defeat (well, hardly defeated). The good record resulted PPIW to be placed among the 4 best teams and have a right to compete again in the final round. Even though in the end PPIW did not get the ultimate prize on the final, PPIW’s performance in this competition can be considered good and to be something PPIW can be proud of, considering the circumstances that unfavorable to PPIW.


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