Widya Darma Wirawan
Sebelas Maret University, Solo, Indonesia

ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) coastal line is around 173.000 km2 and also located on two important seas of the region are Andaman and South China Seas. But, with a vast maritime area in ASEAN there is no Maritime Law to regulate on ASEAN region. Therefore, it‟s crucial to formulate Maritime Law on ASEAN region to strengthen security regional for each member of ASEAN and facing the threat from Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and major superpower country global maritime domination.

Europe Union Maritime Law successfully strengthens security regional against threat from TOC and major superpower country. It‟s time to ASEAN formulating their regional maritime law for unifying the divided ASEAN member to resolve regional maritime matter. Main focus of ASEAN Maritime Law are conduct military joint operation and initiate Regional Exclusive Zone (REZ) for completely annihilate the threat by TOC. Thereafter, it is important to also initiate Regional Maritime Sea Territorial (RMST) for defended Southeast Asia region against ruling major superpower country by unifying power in diplomacy and military.

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ICAD 2016 Law and Politics – Widya Darma Wirawan


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